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Enjoy the magic of the season with our exquisite 5-course Christmas and New Year's Eve menus, carefully crafted to enchant your taste buds and take your festive celebrations to the next level. Each course is a work of art by Chef Alexandre Binard and his team, showcasing the beauty of each ingredient to create an unforgettable dining experience.

Our Christmas and New Year's Eve menu is a culinary masterpiece, designed to create cherished moments and promote a sense of togetherness and celebration. Gather with your loved ones and enjoy the magic of the holidays in every exquisite bite. Cheers to a season full of joy, warmth and culinary delight!

The dinners are by reservation only! Reservations can only be made definitively after payment for the menu has been made in advance.
If you would like to make a reservation or have any questions about our menu, please contact us by email, Morningstar@leboisdebruges.be or call us on +32 50 33 33 64 (ask for Long or Alexandre).

We would like to welcome you on Christmas and New Year's Eve at Hotel L e Bois de Bruges.